Dr. B

I can’t thank you enough for training my dental assistants. The flow in our office has improved tremendously. I should have done the training sooner. Ashley was very professional.

Dr. T

After Covid we were left without an assistant. We hired an assistant with no certifications. After sending her to DentalAssistEd she came back with confidence and skills we would have never been able to accomplish. I highly recommend Ashley.


The way of teaching was really smooth and easy to understand.


Ashley is friendly, informative, open and welcoming. The online course was informative and it matched everything we learned/practiced at the hands on.


Ashley is encouraging , very hands on.


The instructor was very informative and showed a lot of helpful examples. The online course was helpful as well.


The online course was very informative. Ashley was amazing!! She made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions and helped me step by step.


Ashley is very patient. Thank you!


Ashley was well informed and very patient.

Dr. Z

Ashley came to our office this summer to train nine of our assistants. I was very pleased with the program and have seen productivity increase. Thank you for your help, Ashley.