Why DSOs and private practices are partnering with Dental AssistED

Why Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and private practices are partnering  with DentalAssistED.

As large offices look to stay lean and small offices try and add weight, the clerical side is no longer an afterthought. Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) provide this sort of dietary oversight so the staff can stay under the operatory light.

Dental AssistEd offers certification courses in coronal polishing, pit & fissure sealant placement and fluoride application with both  hands-on and online portions. Ashley begins with the basics – anatomy, terminology and positioning because when understanding expanded functions’ associated cause and effect, the assistant better appreciates their skillset.

Training is in small groups. And though some professions are fit for a crowded lecture hall or Hilton Conference Room, it’s not dental assistants. Despite the Delta Variant, Ashley values small spaces, intimate teaching and ample safety standards to deliver quality instruction so the assistant isn’t checking their Apple Watch until lunch.

Do less and let Dental AssistEd do more. So, if in Chicagoland, contact Ashley, ashley@dentalassisted.com for more details on upcoming classes. And if not, say Indiana, she’ll likely just caravan.