About Us

The success of a dental office doesn’t just rest in the fingers of its dentist; it’s reliant upon an entire staff and their skill sets. From the assistant to the dentist, each member plays a key role in creating efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profitability. When assistants need advanced training or a dentist needs continuing ed certification, it’s difficult to find a provider, let alone one with ample range and flexibility. Until now.

Dental AssistEd offers courses in coronal polishing and pit and fissure sealant placement (Illinois) as well as fluoride application (Indiana) for assistants, opioid certification for dentists, and American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR), infection control and sexual harassment for the entire staff. Courses include both online and hands-on which are taught by Ashley at various locations.

Meet Your Instructor

Ashley Heenan, R.D.H. B.S.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from St. Mary’s University, Minnesota and a hygiene license from the University of Illinois Chicago, Kennedy King program. For over a decade, she worked at both a restorative practice, serving as both hygienist and hygiene coordinator, and a periodontal practice, serving as hygienist and office manager. She is also wife to Kevin and Mom to Adelaide (5) and Charlotte (2).