Dental AssistEd is a full-service continuing education program for dental professionals. It features numerous online courses as well as a hands-on clinic which is taught at various locations. To date, it has trained over two thousand students and awarded more than five thousand CEs

The online portion operates via its portal, which serves as an administrative arm, whereas doctors, managers and staff can complete, manage and designate coursework. The portal houses courses, such as HIPAA, OSHA, pit and fissure sealant placement, and coronal polishing

The clinical portion is set according to office schedules and staff and/or managerial preference. Instruction takes place in small groups in order to assure a more attentive focus.

Ashley Heenan, R.D.H. B.S- Dental AssistEd

Meet Your Instructor

Ashley Heenan, R.D.H. B.S

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from St. Mary’s University, Minnesota and a hygiene license from the University of Illinois Chicago, Kennedy King program. For over a decade, she worked at both a restorative practice, serving as both hygienist and hygiene coordinator, and a periodontal practice, serving as hygienist and office manager. She is also wife to Kevin and Mom to Adelaide (7) and Charlotte (4).